These days the car thefts are increasing with the increasing numbers of the car owners. The thefts are generally occurring where there are lots of people and so nobody can spot the thief. The places such as colleges, malls, offices, big complexes, etc. are main spots of car thieves. The car thefts can occur at any time and so it is important to take extra care while parking your car for long hours.
car robbery
Park the cars in the lighted areas and where there is an attendant present mostly to guard, prefer paid parking. Parking in high traffic can be risky, because again the chances of theft increase at a crowded place.  Steering locks are these days very useful to safeguard the cars from thieves.  Vehicle identification number [VIN] etching is another option of prevention.  The parts with VIN etching are easily traceable by the police and so, the thieves would think twice before stealing the car.
Don’t trust the car attendant to the great extent. Only handle him/her the keys of the door and the ignition keys. In the case that your glove box or the trunk, then make sure that you get them changed. Always while returning to the parking lot, check your spare tire, batteries, accessories, valuable parts, etc. Make sure that the car and the things are in same condition as you left it.
Getting the security system for your car is the other best idea. The modern trend is of the sound warnings and the alarms. There are various options available like sensors for glass breaking, tampering and also the options of automatic engine disable.
Sometimes people think that their car is towed, while actually it is stolen. It is important to know that it is difficult to tow the car when the emergency break is lifted. So, is better to make sure that it is lifted whenever you leave the car.
These are simple tips to protect your car from the theft. 

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