The speed you enjoy while driving your car or bike can’t be expressed. It is like a complete different world. But to control this speed is not easy. Many a times, people are not able to balance or gain the control back on speed which ends into big disasters and results into even the death of driver because of the major accidents. Moreover, suddenly stopping your car or bike on a slippery road in a hurry is a challenging task.  Therefore, there has been the birth of a new technology which has taken place of a life-saver. The ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS) takes a lot of this challenge.
abs anti lock braking system
Slippery surface has always been a challenge even for the professional drivers. The person without ABS in the machine cannot apply sudden breaks. ABS has provided the drivers an opportunity to enjoy speed backed up with safety.
The ABS system works on a very complicated yet simple theory. To elaborate, generally a skidding wheel, where the tire contact patch is sliding relative to the road and has less traction then non skidding wheel. Imagine a situation where you have been stuck on ice and you know that if our wheels are spinning, you have no traction. This is because of the contact patch which is sliding relative to the ice. By keeping the wheels from skidding while you slow down, anti-lock breaks us in the following ways:
·         It will stop faster.
·         It will be able to tear while you stop.
The ABS has also proved to be a boon for the motorcycle users. Royal Enfield Super Meteor motorcycle was used by the Road Research Laboratory to test the Maxaret anti-lock brake.   The experiments demonstrated that anti-lock brakes can be of great value to motorcycles, for which skidding is involved in a high proportion of accidents.
Generally, the car and bikes with the ABS system has hard breaks and there are always hauling sounds coming every time you hit the brake paddle.   This is normal and is due to the control unit in the ABS.
Now-a-days, ABS is rather a necessity of the car, as it safeguards your future just like your insurance does. But well this is a precautionary measure and is a must.

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