Car engines are most important part of the entire vehicle. It is termed as the heart of the vehicle and the petrol is termed as the blood of the car. Without blood the vehicle cannot run while without engine, it can never work. If there is even a small problem with car engine then the whole system starts complaining and things start getting out of control and within few hours whole system crashes and gets ruined completely. The solutions and repairing of these problems requires professionalism and experts help. Few of the most common problems and their few solutions are listed below:
ENGINES OVERHEATED: The excessive warm weather leads to overheating of the engine. Condition deteriorates when the coolant level falls in the cooling system. This can be controlled through getting your cooling system of the car serviced properly. Also the worn out parts of the car must be replaced. 
car engine problems

ENGINE OIL LEVEL:  Many times the oil of engine is lost and wasted while changing it and this badly affects the performance of the engine. The solution is to replace the seals and valves and worn out engine gaskets of car engine.
SURGING OF CAR ENGINES: The engine of car suffers from problems like speeding up automatically sometimes. In this case, the problem is deep and it can be resolved through service of ignition system and replacing parts like spark plugs and distributor caps as soon as possible.
WEIRD ENGINE SOUNDS: The engine when faces some problem, obviously will create weird sounds and these are different from normal ones. The reasons for this engine sounds are generally overheating of engine, problems related to the exhaust system, leakage in the vacuum lines, some problems with the carbonator, etc. In such case, the best solution is to replace these worn out parts and go for timely services in the car workshops.
These are some of the general problems with the car engines and the solutions to get rid of them. 

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