Volkswagen GTI

One of the most trusted names in the world of economy-performance cars, the Volkswagen GTI brings to you the 2008 Volkswagen GTI. With more powerful engines, superior suspension and an interior trimmed to perfection, this fine automobile is all set to rule the road.
The 2008 model, introduced halfway into the 2006 model year, is a representative of the fifth generation of the Volkswagens. The Golf model has now been named the Rabbit for US markets. An independent suspension, a stiffer body, a complete road navigation system and xenon headlights are the highlights of this desirable car. A turbo-charged 2.0T engine drives this high speed road demon with power capacities of up to an impressive 200hp. Motorized by a powerful six-speed manual transmission, the Volkswagen GTI also has an optional six-shift DSG.
After a promise of delivering a GTI well worth the wait, the result is a well-researched car that is both lustrous to look at and fun to drive. So for just $23,000, blaze your trail this summer.

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