Car Maintenance- Do It in Best Way

A car lover is always ready to do everything to maintain his car so that it can give best performance and it is essential too as a machine always need maintenance. Car can be your best friend on road. It gives you speed, comfort and look. It also reflects your character like professionals use luxury cars to show their class, a sporty person uses different stickers according to their mood, etc. you do many things to maintain its looks and beauty. But as people say, outer beauty is not sufficient. You need to maintain your car from inside too. Car maintenance is much more then washing it regularly and having upholstery matching with dashboard.
You need to maintain your car from inside so that it can have a long life. A well maintained car also withstands you in long journey. You don’t have to face major breakdowns and search for the mechanic in unknown area. Car maintenance is not an expensive deal. There are many simple tips by which you can maintain it with ease and don’t have to drag it to garage.
Engine, clutch and gear are like the heart of car and you must ensure that they are working properly. Check out for seepages from any part and clogged pipes. Always check oil and fluid level and only Use Company recommended varieties so that it should not harm engine. Make sure that your car engine is purring happily.
Tires are also an important part of it and you must do regular check-ups to see any cuts or protruding on them. Replace tires immediately if you find any cuts on tires. Regularly check the air pressure in tires especially in summers and pump up them only to prescribed level. Rotating tiers every 7000 miles is recommended.
Brakes are your life savior when you are on road and so you must ensure that brake fluid is at prescribed level. Majority of car accidents occur due to brake failure. I am sure you don’t want that happen with your car.
The next important part of the car that requires regular maintenance is shock absorbers. You can check it yourself by putting your car through bumps.
Regular car maintenance is very important and you should not wait for the car to give error signals as it might be late and can cost your pocket much. These car maintenance tips can assure you that your car is in good condition and will give its best performance on road.

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